5 school trips to… attractions in the north west

Date Posted: 19/02/2014

Bury Art Museum

Pictured: Bury Art Museum.

It goes without saying that a school trip should be entertaining whilst providing a learning experience relevant to the curriculum. Here is a selection of five visits for school groups to the north west, incorporating subjects such as History, Science, Art and Technology.

1. Air Raid Shelters

The air raid shelters in Stockport opened in 1939 and provide a glimpse of what it was like in Britain during a blackout in 1940s wartime.

Stockport Council re-opened the air raid shelters to create an award-winning museum. School trips to the shelters are designed to give students a first-hand experience of these civilian air raid shelters.

The tunnels are carved into sandstone cliffs making this a good location for either a Geography or History field trip.

2. Legoland® Discovery Centre Manchester

Legoland® Discovery Centre Manchester is a popular attraction that may not immediately jump out as an educational excursion.

In fact, Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester offers a number of school trip workshops that can be tailored for your class’ needs.

Specifically designed for Key Stages 1 and 2, you can introduce your pupils to Maths, Physics, and Technology – all through building with Lego® bricks.

3. Bury Art Museum

The Bury Art Museum is a family-friendly art museum that features exhibitions and collections for school groups of all ages.

There are special activities for children on school trips, including the Victorian Toy Theatre and Giant Portraits.

The museum also offers educational tours based on the interests of your school. Museum staff-led sessions, self-guided tours, and familiarisation tours cover a range of subjects including World War Two, Victorians, and Gallery Explorers.

4. Runway Visitor Park

Runway Visitor Park allows children of all ages to get onboard a retired aircraft.

Some of the tour options for school trips include The Environment, The History of Flight and The Business of Manchester Airport: a 1-hour guided tour of the airport terminals and career role play.

A turtle at SEALIFE Manchester.

This fun interactive experience allows students to imagine being 15,000-feet in the air as cabin crew or pilots, providing applications to science, technology, history, and civics.

5. SEALIFE® Manchester

Popular attraction Sea Life Manchester  takes pupils on an educational underwater journey.

Visitors can enjoy 30 displays, over 5,000 sea creatures, and touch a starfish or crabs in the Touchpool Experience.

A school trip to SEALIFE® includes educational talks throughout the day, resource packs, and the choice of features and creatures that you would like highlighted for your class, bringing Biology lessons to life.

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